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July 5, 2022 // How to Save Enough Money to Purchase Real Estate:

How to save money to purchase real estate using a financial planner in Calgary


Now more than ever, finding a piece of real estate that is suitable for your household can seem nearly impossible due to soaring costs and the accessible property being purchased by others vying for the property. Buying a piece of property is a lofty goal and a worthy investment, and such a goal can be accomplished when you take certain steps and routes to help you save money. However, it may not seem like it upon looking at your bank account, scrimping and saving to buy real estate can prove difficult. With the right navigation from any financial advisor in Calgary, you will be able to increase the money in your bank account to a place that will enable you to buy property. 


Ascertain what you need to do to eventually afford a piece of real estate without breaking the bank!


Learn more about the housing market and what you can afford


When you’re planning to buy a house in the future, it is always a good idea to warm yourself to the general housing market and discover what price range you can comfortably afford. Look at the available houses in your area and their prices and narrow down what you want and need in a piece of property. Finding out the prices is also helpful in estimating how much money you’ll need when making a down payment. More so, you should research the cost of housing in recent years and see how much it has changed to gauge what you might be looking at within a few months to years down the road when you can afford to buy property. 


Plan a long-term budget with professional assistance


Financial advisors in Calgary can be extremely helpful in all areas concerning financial matters, especially in regard to real estate. In fact, real estate and financial planning go so well together that some business models combine the two, so clients will be able to attain two related matters from experts in both fields. A financial adviser will work closely with you to establish a workable budget that will allow you to save money without having to adopt an uncomfortable lifestyle. A financial advisor will help you reach your goals in a realistic route to help you eventually afford the property to buy. 



Reduce spending 


Unfortunately, when you want to start saving money to buy a home, you’ll have to reduce your monthly expenses. This does not mean forgoing the necessities to live, like food and toiletries, but cutting back on purchasing any miscellaneous items you may not need to live. When you want to buy a slew of brand new clothes or electronics, take a moment to ask yourself if these items are needed or if you can make do with what you already own in order to save money. It’s these simple steps that you can employ that will make a substantial difference. 


Reduce current debt


Whether you have credit card debt or student loans to pay off, you should make an increased effort to pay off these debts before you begin to contemplate buying a home. By paying off these debts to the best of your ability, you will be more likely to be approved for a loan with better credit, and you won’t have to worry about the monthly reduction that occurs in your bank account. 

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