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Our thoughtful financial services empower you to grow, while protecting your wealth.

Our services are based on a behavioural approach to economic planning, helping you:

Our services vary depending on your stage in life, your current needs and your valued direction for your future.
Manage Your Personal and Corporate Cash Flow
  • Developing a summary of your current financial situation, with a focus on helping you free up and maximize your cash flow
  • Minimize taxes with strategic planning for you and your business
Plan Strategically to Eliminate Your Debt
  • Helping you prioritize which debt, including student loans, mortgages, credit card debt and other liabilities, to tackle first
  • Balancing your desire to repay debt quickly against your other planning needs
Minimize Your Taxes & Hold Onto More Wealth
  • Identifying tax, wealth, and insurance planning strategies to put more of your money to work for you now and in retirement
  • Plan for your retirement success with a proven structure to tailor your plan to your needs
Grow & Safeguard Your Wealth
  • Putting the right investments in place (RRSP, TFSA, RESP, business etc.) to generate income and suit your current and long term financial goals
  • Grow your wealth securely, with low fees and with the least amount of taxes now, in retirement and to your estate
  • Create unique strategies to protect your children, while also saving for their future costs of education, home purchase and weddings
Estate Plan for Graceful Transition
  • Making sure your assets are protected as your estate transitions to your spouse or the next generation
Protect Your Family & Business With Targeted Insurance
  • Protect your income and assets you’ve worked hard to earn from a serious illness, disability or death
  • Grow your wealth without the possibility of a loss, create tax-efficient and tax-free retirement income, and maximize your estate to your family with strategic planning and insurance solutions
Guide your Financial Decision Making
  • Business planning
  • Education tuition planning
  • Home rental vs. buy
  • Retirement and pension

Leading us to the development of a thoughtful Financial Plan that includes steps for implementation:

  • 1.Your financial plan will contain recommendations designed to meet your stated goals and objectives, supported by relevant financial summaries
  • 2.Developing upon an action plan to implement the agreed upon recommendations
  • 3.Collaborate with your other financial professionals, as required to assist with the development and implementation of your action plan
  • 4.Managing the implementation of your financial plan
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