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December 6, 2017 // What should I expect from my Financial Planner?: Words by Adrian George, President at PlayCheques

The Facts

Did you know that for 1 in 3 Canadians*, ‘not knowing what questions to ask’ is the reason they don’t seek out the proper advise that is crucial for personal, family and business financial health?

How to Spot Sophisticated Planning

Instead of being presented with a dizzying array of financial products you don’t want to trust, what if you were instead asked what matters most to you? Where the resulting recommendations were benchmarked and balanced across your individual goals of being debt free; saving securely and investing for tomorrow; building your wealth to protect your family and shape your legacy; all the while being able to enjoy today? Wouldn’t that be a more valuable discussion!

The Costs

Now what if you were also able to choose how your advisor was paid? What if instead of having to buy a product to get services, you could instead choose to engage on an hourly basis, or with a simple flat fee? At PlayCheques Financial, our fee-based approach creates the transparency and choice needed to instil trust, and the feeling of being in partnership with your financial advisor.

The Benefits

We connect with purpose so that your personalized plan can be regularly updated to reflect your ever-changing needs in a clear manner, driving results that matter most to you. This helps you articulate and clarify your short and long term goals, and then find synchronicity between them. In understanding your options, together we create a plan that puts you at the centre of all recommendations, while providing support you can trust and rely on.

The Big Picture

We’ll help you build the blueprints of your ‘dream’ financial home, giving guidance when you need it, and a steady hand when you don’t. Once your blueprints are built, we then look for the furniture needed to furnish your home, your way. We’ll create, care for and maintain it to ensure it’s always a home you’ll be proud of.

We look forward to showing you a better way to plan for your future with clarity, ease and transparency.
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*Canadians Lack Confidence When Speaking About Finances
Statistic: Sunlife Market Insights